Virtual Box image question


I downloaded the [color=#000000][size=medium][font=Century Gothic]DWM1001 Virtual Box Image with Preinstalled Firmware Development Tool Chain[/font][/size][/color]. However, I also found a .iso file with Ubuntu. Why is this file also included?

I loaded the aforementioned .iso image with VMWare and a “Decawave” user appears. What is the password?

Looking forward to your clarifications.

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[color=#000000][size=small][font=Century Gothic]Hi mrr,[/font][/size][/color]

[color=#000000][size=small][font=Century Gothic]Please refer to documentation on Decawave website/forum.[/font][/size][/color]

[color=#000000][size=small][font=Century Gothic]The password is dw.[/font][/size][/color]

[color=#000000][size=small][font=Century Gothic]Thank you,[/font][/size][/color]
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[color=#000000][size=small][font=Century Gothic]Yves [/font][/size][/color]

Dear Bernard,

Thank you for your answer. I knew that password (dw) and I read the documentation. The aforementioned password is for the Decawave_DWM1001_VirtualBox_Image.vbox. However, there is also a .iso included (ubuntu-16.04.2-desktop-i386.iso). Can someone please let me know what is the purpose of including the Ubuntu .iso?

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PS: When I said in my previous post “Decawave” user I was wrong. I just created that user when installing the .iso with VMWare. The Virtual Box image has the “dw” user already created.