VDDBAT independent current specification


The DW1000 datasheet shows VDDBAT current requirement is lumped in with 5 other supply pins, VDDPA1, VDDPA2, VDDLNA, VDDAON, and VDDIOA.

But you recommend that when using a TCXO, the VDDBAT pin is to be supplied with the same power supply as the TCXO, what is the specific current draw spec for the VDDBAT pin only then? Why is it not in the datasheet?

I will be running the TCXO at 3.0 volts, can you tell me what the VDDBAT pin will reqiure for current?

Robert Hines
Design Engineer
Tenera Care

Hi @rjhines670
Im not ware of the numbers, but it should be couple mA. The top most power hungry power inputs are VDDPA1, VDDPA2 a and VDDLNA. The VDDBAT is designed to keep the chip alive when it is lower power mode or normal power - it is only powering the internal ICs but not amplifiers/LNA.


Yeah thanks, but I already know that. My point was more to get Decawave to put in a missing spec that they themselves are telling us to use.