UWB at the office

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to configure a UWB network in my office building. I’ve correctly configured the anchors at the main room (10x15m) so that we have 15cm accuracy, but my problem comes when I try to extend the network to both the corridor and other rooms.

I currently have 24 anchors availave and 1 gateway (in the main room), how can I tackle this problem? will I nee a raspberry+bridge mote per room?

Thanks in advance

Hi Csainz,]

It would be easier to visualize the network with a floorplan.

The network can extend without the need of an extra gateway. If you place anchors in the corridor and other rooms, ensuring that the connectivity with the anchors from the initial anchors is good, then your network will extend. A tag will be able to range to those anchor and calculate its position.

If you want the position on the tag to be reported on the web-server application, then the tag must be in direct range with the gateway. So indeed, for large network, you will need more than one gateway.

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Hi Yves,

Thanks a lot for the info.

Is there any other thing I can do to be able to ‘see’ the tag on the web-server while on the corridor rather than using another raspberry+brigde?

Thanks in advance

Hello again @Yves_Bernard any help with this?

Is there any other thing I can do to be able to ‘see’ the tag on the web-server while on the corridor rather than using another raspberry+brigde?

Thanks a lot

Hi Csainz,

You will only see tags in range with the gateway (raspberry pi) on the webserver.

So you either need to add multiple gateways to cover a larger area, or you can move your current gateway to cover the new area (but that means you will not cover the area it was in). Maybe you can try to find a central position that optimise the coverage (but for large areas you will need multiple gateways)


Hello agian Yves,

Thanks for the provided information. In a LOS scenario what’s the maximum distance between tag and gateway so that It is able of show its position on the web maganer?

Thaks a lot in advanced

Hi csainz,

In good LOS conditions, I would say 25meters can deliver a very reliable performance. Above that, there is less margin and the performance can be a bit reduced.


Hello again @Yves_Bernard

Here you can finde my floorplan and anchor distributtion.

We are trying to get the position of the tag in the big room on the rigth, corridor and small room of the left. We have sucessfully set up 3 gateways. 1 at the centrer of the small room, 1 at the center of the big room and 1 on the middle of the corridor (near anchor 5580)

So my problem is the folllowing:

we can get the correct position of the tag while moving around the rooms but whe n it comes to the corrridor it is shown as if was “jumping” instead of moving fluently. Why is this happening? how can I improve my system?

Thanks a lot in advanced

Any help with this? We’re pretty stuck and need to move foward

Thanks a lot in advanced

Hi Csainz,

I’m not quite sure where the doors are on the drawing above and what will be the tag’s flow through the building.

I would recommend to look at the “les” output from the tag (using uart shell mode). You will see what is the anchor selection from the tag and if it can calculated a position.

Usually the tag “jumps” because its not able to range with 3 anchors in some loication, but only 2 or less. In that case you need to change the anchor placement so the tag always sees at least 3 anchors.

Hope it helps,

Hello again,

We’ve done several test with my current configuration and looking at the output of the “les” command. It’s been of much help and that problem is now solved.

I now have another issue I would very much appreciate if you could help with. As you may know I have 3 different gateways in my system, one on the main room, one on the corridor and one on the small room. From what I can see on the web manager tool if I turn on a tag that has previously been on the system (lets say it’s been working then shutted down then on again) its first shown position is the last is was before being turn off.

Is this normal? if not, Why is this happenning?

Thanks a lot in advanced

Hello again,
Can anyone help me understanding what’s happening here?

Hi Carolina,

can you check if the position average is enabled in the Web Manager?
I cannot see another reason why that would happen. If you turn off the tag then turn on again, all should start over again for that tag.


Hi @leapslabs yes, position average is enable. I’ll turn it off and re-do the test.

Thanks you very much for the help

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