Using the command dwm_nodeid_get

Hi, im using the code dwm_nodeid_get to get the name. Im receiving this:

99 81 5 B0 55 9D CA DE

Also we need know that the DWM use the little endian message , so the final code is:

DE CA 9D 55 B0 05 81 99

But my problem is that i dont know how to convert this to text, my final idea is to get the name as :



As you can see , the last 2 bytes are “81 99” but ,what’s means “DE CA 9D 55 B0 05”?
The las 2 bytes will tell me the id every time or it was coincidence?

Hi Franco,

each node has its ID generate as follow:
0xDECA + 28-bits of MCU Unique ID + 20-bits of DW1000 Part ID

During addressing the node uses only 16-bits to optimize the payload usage. It is a compromise to achieve the highest amount of payloads for user data.


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Hi Leapslabs,

exactly which 16 bits from the given 64bits, DW1000 uses to communicate with anchor or tag? or it will broadcast whole 64bit address?

if so will it be unique? and which address is pre-installed in chip and which address bits are system generated? and exact which address used for communication? also please let me know the command to get the full/partial communication address.

@leapslabs @FrancoCapraroArg @Yves_Bernard @AndyA @

sorry for lot of questions at once, just new to DW1000 chip,

Really appreciate your answers in this quesion.

thanks and regards,
Jagrutkumar Vaghela

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