Using primary battery with DW1000

Hello everyone.
We are in the design phase of a TDOA system and want the tags to have primary batteries, which are planned to last about 2 years. The main problem is that the RX current for DW1000 is too much and a boost + super cap solution seems to be needed to be able to have a healthy Rx. Since the system is TDOA, the tags will not need to make Rx frequently. At this point, my questions are ;

  1. Has anyone made Tx/Rx using a 3V primary battery, or an alternative primary battery?

  2. The boost regulator has more than %90 efficiency at the working voltages but has anybody seen any battery lifetime results in any system like :
    Sinking peak currents through a super cap for very short times. (150mA - 500uS, 0.1 Hz)
    Then charging it from the boost regulator powered by a 3V primary battery