Using DWM1001 without Bluetooth

Are there any functions or features of the DWM1001 running stock firmware (release 1 or 2) that are unique to the Bluetooth Interface?

From what I understand, without Bluetooth you can’t use the Android app to configure and would not be able to update FW via Bluetooth. But if I had an external device access the DWM1001 through serial API, can I still fully configure the module and extract the calculated locations and develop an application around that?

Hi cwallace,

Yes that’s correct. If you turn off BLE, you cannot use the DRTLS Android manager and perform BLE OTA firmware update.

If you have a spi or serial acces to the devie , you can configure it and retrieve location. With the release 2, you can also use AES encryption of UWB packets within a network (this feature will be mutually exclusive with BLE)