Using DW1001C-dev with sd card (Adafruit)


I´m using dw1001C-dev board and i am trying to save some data to my sdcard (Adafruit). The sdcard communicates via SPI.
I am defining SPI pins like this:
#define SDC_SCK_PIN 4 ///< SDC serial clock (SCK) pin.
#define SDC_MOSI_PIN 6 ///< SDC serial data in (DI) pin.
#define SDC_MISO_PIN 7 ///< SDC serial data out (DO) pin.
#define SDC_CS_PIN 3 ///< SDC chip select (CS) pin.

To communicate i am using the nrf52 example code fatfs (from nordic’s nrf52 DK).
Every time i try do initialize the disk it fails and starts the code over and over again.
I am programming in SEGGER. Can you please help me?

Moving this to the Ultra-Wideband category…