User Application Limitation


We are planning to create a carrier board by using DWM1001C module. However, we have a question in mind which I believe can be answered by one of the forum member.

In the "DWM1001 Firmware User Manual" , it is stated that, " the user application is acting as an independent thread in the firmware and can occupy up to 3KB RAM and 60KB Flash. "

Based on this information,

  1. Which subsystem are already enabled in the system when you have wrote the statement above ? For instance; If I enabled almost all supported modules like UART, BLE, SPI, I2C, … etc. do I have still 60 KB Flash for my user application?

  2. We are planning to add some additional sensors like gyro and magnetometer and send these values as IOT data from the tags, or we can log them in SPI flash or SD card. Would this 3 KB Ram and 60 KB Flash enough for these or should we consider adding another microcontroller ?


Hi Bugra,

  1. The User Application limitation is related only with your custom thread(s). The limit is when all the supported modules are enabled. If you disable some of them, you can get a bit more memory. You can check the documentation to see if it is stated there or you will have to try to disable them to figure out the numbers.

  2. This really depends on your code footprint. My guess is that sending via IoT data for the gyro and magnetometer would be sufficient to use the User Application and PANS library. For the SPI / SD card you will have to test if it would fit in.