use TREK anchors with DWM1001


We use TREK anchors and custom hardware with DW1000 modules. I wonder if it is possible to configure the DW1000 to work with the new DW1001 modules.
If I read the product description the DWM1001 is a preconfigured DW1000 with only 1 channel support. So it should be possible to use these settings on the older modules.

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DWM1001 comes with pre-loaded RTLS SW (PANS). This SW has limited configuration options, e.g. channel, PRF, rate are all set and cannot be modified.
However you can write your own application to run on the nRF52 micro and drive the DW1000 with any other configuration you wish. Note the antenna is optimised for channel 5, but it will work on other channels.

Thankyou for the answer. Im aware that on the physical layer both modules are equal and should work (on channel 5). But will decawave provide an option to use the new modules in combination with the older ones. Will they be backward compatible on the application layer?