Usage on a Mac without Raspberry Pi

Hello :wave:

I recently purchased the Development Kit for DWM1001 module. I downloaded and installed the android application, created a network, and have an anchor and a tag configured.

I’m on a Mac and want to get location information of the tag. I’ve combed through the documentation (lots of diff PDFs) and can’t seem to get any info to display.

I connected a device directly to the USB of my Mac. Using JLink, I was able to flash and program the device.

I see the device when in iTerm2 (/dev/tty.usbmodem1421).

When I invoke “screen /dev/tty.usbmodem1421”, I just get a “Could not open … for R/W. Resource busy.” followed by a “Could not find a PTY”. I get the same results when I sudo. I get the same results with the device on the Android Apps network and with it off. I updated the firmware on all devices.

If I disconnect/reconnect the listener, I just get a blank terminal when I use “screen”. I tried the “double enter” approach I found from a forum post, but still a blank screen.

I’m not even sure I’m down the correct path. I basically want to get location info from tags to a local client device (React App with mqtt subscriber) w/o using a Raspbery Pi. Is this even possible? Even just getting the data on my laptop would be fine.

Could anyone offer guidance here?