Update rate (Two tag & Four Anchor)


I am not much familiar with dw1000. I read the user manual and other user guide documents of the trek1000 and dw1000. The source code (DecaRangeRTLS-ATM) is for 8 tags and 4anchors based on documents. I want to modify the source code to support only 2 tags and 4 anchors. It seems I need to change slot & superframe. If someone has done before, can you please guide me where to start?

Any suggestion would be really appreciated!

What woudl be the purpose of the 4th Anchor?
Adding/keeping a 4th anchor is actually only sensible when you want to locate the tag above the plane of the anchors. If the tag is always below the plane of anchors then the 4th anchor is not supposed to be used. It will not result in any improvement in the location estimation.
Note that this is because the way DecarangeRTLS is developed.

To make use of the 4th Anchor eg for X,Y,X (3D-Location) you would require to modify the trek source code and to make locating visible you would need to eg design your own locating engine (algorithm).

To reduce the number of tags (from 8 to 2) , you could reduce number of timeslots used, see TREK ARM source code and APS016 where timing is explained.
In the code the timings are defined in the main functions, main.c when using sw 2.10 (coocox) and dw_main.c when using 2.25 (CuibeMX)

Hello Leo,

It works but I want to change the slot time 10ms to 1.86ms with 4 Anchors. I calculate the slot time based on topic: Optimising the two-way ranging exchange of ‘APS016: Moving from a TREK1000 to a product’ document. How would it be possible?

NOTE:: 4 slots, 2 for tags and 2 anchor-anchor ranging.


I really appreciate your help!
Here I have attached few snaps. Table, I wrote to calculate slot period. I did that calculation with the reference of ‘aps016 Moving from Trek1000 to a product’ document. Based on the table made changes but I don’t find any ranging exchange between Tag and Anchors. Please, comments on my mistakes!