UK test lab recommendations

We have a DW1000 based design that we need to perform all of the regulatory approvals testing on for the EU, USA and as much of the rest of the world as possible.

Our normal test house only does spurious emissions not intentional transmitters so we need to find a new test facility to use. We don’t have any in house experience with getting transmitters through the approvals process and so a test facility with familiarity with the DW1000 who can help guide us through the process would be a big plus.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a suitable facility in the UK?


Hi Andy
Please find below a couple of test houses. Some of them might have UK presence.

If anyone else is aware of a ETSI / Certification test house I’ll be happy if you could share


Compliance Worldwide

Advanced Compliance Solutions

MRT Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Suzhou

SGS-CSTC Shenzhen

Cetecom ICT Services Saarbruecken, Germany

CTC Advanced 66117 Saarbuecken, Germany

Dekra Malaga, Spain

Compliance Worldwide have vast experience with DW1000 regulatory testing and I expect they could handle the full testing campaign themselves without you needing to travel there (US) yourself. For competance and fast FCC/ETSI certification, I would recommend using them.

In Europe, I believe Cetecom (Germany) have done a number of DW1000 approvals.

I don’t think there are any in the UK that have tested DW1000.

(In fact, even in the cellular world, for things like TIS/TRP testing, I’ve struggled to find a certified test house in the UK - have they all gone?).

Closer to home, it could be worth asking Taoglas, here in Ireland, as I know they at least have the lab facilities.