UART generic dwm_loc_get not achieving 10 Hz


After changing the provided C example source code, I was able to run the program on a Linux computer and talk to tags via UART generic. When I used [size=small]dwm_pos_get, I was able to get 10 Hz update frequency. However, when I used [size=small]dwm_loc_get (distances to all anchors), I wasn’t able to get 10 Hz. I could only get around 1 Hz, because every call reaches the default timeout limit of 1000 ms. All the distances I got were correct. It’s just the speed is not fast enough. [/size][/size]

Does anyone have any input on how to make it faster?


Hi Jshi,

Maybe take a look at the thread below :

With the fix in this thread the spi will reach 10Hz. For the uart I’ll have to double check.

Thank you,

I have the same problem like you ,7 anchors and 1 tag ,via UART wasn’t able to get 10Hz,I changed the decawave provided C example source code and connect an tag with stm32f103zet6,when used [size=small]dwm_pos_get ,or other API ,[size=small]was able to get 10 [size=small]Hz [/size][size=small]update [/size][size=small]frequency;but [/size][size=small]used [/size][size=small]dwm_loc_get it can’t ,and I tested if I forced send [size=small]dwm_loc_get interval time to 10Hz,the tag will not work normal,data receive will lost ,then tag will restart.hope someone can help .[/size][/size][/size][/size]