Tx_Delayed issue

I use the example firmware 5(a) and 5(b) and another EVK1000 in listen mode to monitor the messages between the Initiator and Responder.

The issue on the Responder:
When this line is executed - [color=#3399ff]ret = dwt_starttx(DWT_START_TX_DELAYED | DWT_RESPONSE_EXPECTED); [/color]the response message is only transmitted after about 16 Seconds, it appears Tx happens when the counter rollover. Even if I change [color=#3399ff]#define POLL_RX_TO_RESP_TX_DLY_UUS 2600 [/color] To another value; Tx only happens after about 16 Seconds.

With [color=#3399ff]POLL_RX_TO_RESP_TX_DLY_UUS 2600[/color] it appears that the resp_tx_time is set correctly
[color=#3399cc]poll_rx_ts 48FC18EA7B[/color]
[color=#3399cc]resp_tx_time 490640EA[/color]

I also monitor [color=#3399ff]if (ret == DWT_ERROR) [/color]and [color=#3399ff]HPDWARN[/color], none is set!

Thank you in advance

Hi Andre,

Could you be more specific about your setup please .

one EVB1000 is a listener. The initiator and Responder are they EVB1000s also , or DWM1000/DW1000 based design?
Could you say what processors are used in for the Initiator and responder?
The HPDWARN event status flag gets set if the time left to actually beginning transmission / reception is more than half a period of the system clock, so when the delay is too short or time has already passed. Please consult APS022 where trouble shooting HPDWARN is described


Thank you for your response. The listener is an EVK1000, the initiator and Responder is our own design (PSOC 4200 BLE) with DWM1000 modules. I will check the [color=#333333][size=small]APS022 document. [/size][/color]