Two modules DW1000 one board


I made a board with 2 (two) DW1000 modules, one to function as ANCHOR and the other one to function as a TAG.
This module is distant from each other approximately 6cm.
I placed a cable about 2 meters in each antenna to measure the distance between them, but it does not work.

Two modules on the same board works?
For a 3 meter cable what parameters in the firmware do I have to tinker to measure the distance between them?

Thank you.

Pedro Henrique

Two things to keep in mind:

Firstly don’t forget to calibrate the antenna delays with the cables in place. And make sure the connectors are on well, a loose SMA connector can add around 5 cm.

Secondly be very very careful with shielding. I had a system with 1 m cables on the antennas, at longer ranges it worked perfectly. At shorter ranges I would measure 25, 50, 75 or 100 cm short on the ranges using a simple two way range exchange. I guessed that the signal was bypassing the antenna and getting picked up directly by the module which then counted the far weaker direct signal as the true path and so gave me the error. I added more and more shielding to the circuits but it had no effect.
Then I added more shielding to the cable and the problem went away. The cable had a bend which opened up the shield just enough for a small amount of signal to jump on to the cable directly just before the connection to the module.
With both parts on the same board you will need to be vary careful with cross talk and directly picking each other up. A CIR plot may help show if this is happening.