TTK1000 Anchor mac turn to 00:00:00:00 after power off

Hi, there is an issue about device mac ID.
When I finished downloading the bootload.hex & netboot.hex, I can see the dhcpserver offering a IP to the Anchor, and also can see the unique mac ID of this anchor. But, when I powered on this anchor again, I can see the dhcpserver offering another IP to this anchor, and the mac IP of this anchor is replaced with ca-de-00-00-00-00.


This is the available list of commands when you use the command “help”

What is the PoE Switch Model and brand that are you using?

Did you use the “SAVE” command after modify the IP Address?

if not try to set the IP Manually, use also STATIC IP and use “SAVE” then reboot and see what happen.