Trying to achieve maximum distance in110k data rate

i am using our customised design and this github example GitHub - Decawave/dwm1001-examples: Simple C examples for Decawave DWM1001 hardware for initiator and responder and trying to achieve maximum distance in 6.8 M i can get about 23 to 25 meters but i have seen that in 110k i can achieve around 110 meters but when i changed my configuration to 110k in that example i could not able to calculate distance? anyone know the reason for this

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manikandan v

Hey there!.

There’s some documentation (application notes) about that on the Decawave website. I mean not only bitate you have to change, but others carateristics maybe too. I tried one time to determine the max distance on my configuration and i achive 50 / 60 meters. Preamble is another parameter that is important for ranging in major distances for example. Just a reminder, the DWM1000 has is limitations and your “hardware” too. What i mean, is there are another aspects like antenna adpatation or even the transmission power may not the best for that implementation of yours.
Sorry if i didnt say something helpfull.


Keep in mind that at 110k packets take a lot longer to transmit.
If your code assumes a fixed delay between sending a message and receiving a reply then you need to make sure that the time period used is long enough to allow for the packet to be transmitted there and back.
Just about any two way ranging system will have built in timing assumptions that will need to be modified if you change the data rate and possibly also if you change the packet size.