Trouble flashing DWM1001C

Ok, I’m new to this, but I’m having trouble flashing PANS to my DWM1001-DEV and according to the label, it’s a C, without firmware.
Using JFlash Lite, I follow the instructions from DWM1001 Firmware User Guide, select nRF52832_XXAA and select my downloaded copy of dwm1001-flash.hex. JFlash then indicates that it failed to load and asks if I want to use an IP address.
Also my D20 led flashes quickly the entire time it’s plugged into the USB port.

It sounds like the DEV has not enumerated correctly and therefore the RED LED continues to blink.
Is your USB cable working for TX/RX? Can you confirm on the PC device manager that the DEV enumerates? We have heard of customers using USB cables that are charge only.

Thanks so much! Yes, I was using another USB cable that I had that was a charge only one. When I used the one that came in the box, it worked perfectly. Thanks again!