Trek1000 EVK Channel

am using TREK1000 EVK. So we found a difference between channel 2 and channel 3.
Both channels 2 and 3 are supported, and the same characteristics are used for each channel. Therefore, when using channel 3 compared with channel 2, the range that can be ranged is reduced by about half.
Are there different characteristics of the surroundings per channel? Or is the TREK1000 board impinging on channel 2, which is poor performance on channel 3?

please answer about my question.
Thank you.


By default the TREK only supports channel 2 & 5.( as channels are most commonly used) So you must have changed the code to try out channel 3. (why ussing channel 3?)
What distance do you get with channel 2 and 5, in what mode and not least important in what environment?
Using different channels does not impact range drastically , so i suggest you take a look at the user manual as different register settings should be applied to different channels.