TREK1000- DecaRange RTLS range message

We are working with the TREK1000 kit and managed to record the Decarange application output as detailed in the “DECARANGERTLS PC SOURCE CODE” document (attached). We would like to understand better the content of the range message (attachment, p.11). We lack information as to the time between the messages. It should be logically correlated to “RSEQ” parameter (3rd from right), but the basic time step is unknown.
Thanks for your help,

you should look at the ARM code and ARM source code guide … then you will see how the tag/anchor application formats the message.

The RSEQ is a range seq number… i.e. every time tag attempts a new ranging exchange it will increment this number,

I went over those 2 documents (one of them was attached to the original message); the message seems surprisingly to not contain any time information