Trek1000 - 8 anchors

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I found similar topic to mine, but I want to ask about something quite different:

I know that Trek1000 support 4 anchors, I want to check how system will work with 8 anchors.

I’m not using provided Decawave software. After connecting kit to PC, virtual ports are created. I just need to know what are the readings from modules. Futher analysis will be carried out in my own software.

So, my plan is to buy two Trek1000 kits, connect them to one computer and use with one common tag. Is it gonna work? I know that I can connect how many TREK1000 kits I want, but are they gonna work with one mutual/or more tags?

Thanks in advance for any help :slight_smile:

The TREK straight from the box supports max 8 Tags with either 1,2 3 or max 4 anchors. Its main purpose is to demonstrate and evaluate RTLS topologies, such as Geo-Fencing, Tracking and Navigation
Tags only poll to these 4 anchors (A0, A1, A2, A3). If a different operation is needed (i.e. increasing number of anchors > 4) then one should rebuild and re-design the code for their application using the source code we provide.
Depending on the abilities some considerable design hours might be required to build such a system.

To minimize the design cost of a system we released the MDEK1000 some time ago which supports multiple nodes , upto 16 anchors , but system can be expanded with additional MDEKs.
Both MDEK and TREK would have its advantages and disadvantages. I suggest you read the briefs of the TREK and MDEK.

So maybe you’re better off to invest in a MDEK1000 rather then a 2nd TREK, depending on your requirements.

Yes, as Leo says multiple TREKs will just interfere with each other. In TREK anchors addresses are configured 0-3, you cannot set anchor address > 3. Tag only ranges to anchors 0-3. If you add more anchors and change the code so their addresses are > 3, the tag will not range to them, unless you modify tag code to do that. If you have anchors with same addresses they will transmit at the same time (e.g. as reply to tag’s message) and will interfere with each other.