TREK 1000 Problem

Hello everyone
I have a problem with one of TREK 1000 anchors after the init it does not communicate with the tag and it only displays “DecaRangeRTLS L2 Anchor:1” the tag get the distance from other anchors.
Ps: the channel is set to ch 2 on all the devices and sometimes it displays error init failed.
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“L2” indicates 110Kb/s on channel 2. Are all other boards on 110kb/s also?

Basically , can you check if the switch S1- 5, 6& 7 are set the same on all the boards?

And also check that you’ve only 1 Anchor 1 in the system.

Check the TREK1000 usermanual to confirm the settings.

I suspect that some dip switches are changed .

With regards INIT ERROR…

Check SW 2… all should be ON. Switches can be “sticky” so may need to toggle couple of times.

Basically INIT ERROR means the MCU cannot read DW1000 device ID over SPI as it starts running.

So either the DW1000 is in SLEEP… powering off and grounding the board will remove any configuration in AON, or has not powered up (could be a HW/board issue( eg the 1.8V regulator U2 is gone faulty), or the MCU to DW SPI is not connected hence SW2…