Trek 1000 Anchors displays

Hi everyone,

Actually i am working to increase the number of anchors , base on Trek1000 configuration we can use max only 4 anchors from

(000-011) 4 but actually I’m working to code to got (000-110) 6 anchors to increase the network couverage the system with 6

anchors my Work was well done and we can see the distance rang between Tag and the new 2 more anchors i add to they own

screen but my problem the moving Tag do not display both two new anchors to it own screen The distancve rang of my new 2

Anchors are only display to tey own screen .

sommeone can help to fixe that .

Thank to everyone any help is well come

It’s not that straight forward to just increase the number of anchors.

You would nearly have to rewrite the code and locating engine.

Please study the TREK source code in detail to get an understanding of the code , eg addressing , TAG to Anchor and anchor to anchor communication and more.
For example tags only poll 4 anchors (0-3). If a different operation is needed (i.e. increasing number of anchors > 4) then one can rebuild and re-design the code for their application by studying and using the code we supply.

I’d also suggest you to purchase maybe and MDEK1000. It will seriously reduce the R&D man-hours spent.