Topology range in an open area

I need to create the topology shown in the figure attached. There are 12 anchors, 3 gateways, one initiator.

I assumed that all anchors are in range of gateways. I will use dwm-1000 dev kit with default configurarion , which is 6.8Mbps. This topology is intended to be installed in an open area.

I did a test with one square with 4 anchors and 1 GW with the same dimensions and worked fine.

The point is:

  1. One initiator is enough or should I put more initiators as some anchors are far from A1 (initiator)
  2. If one tag is in range of two simultaneous gateways, will both receive the same data ? Then when I save in the database I shall remove duplicity?
  3. Is there any problem with an anchor which has coverage from two different gateways (for instance A2, GW1 and GW2)
  4. What are the chances that this topology work ? Shall I put one more gateways (GW4, let’s say) inside the 3rd square on top ?

I’d appreciate any help as soon as possible.


Forgot to say that there is one central gateway which will receive all data coming from the other 3 via WiFi



  1. you only require one initiator, each superframe is automatically replicated through the anchors, no matter if the initiator is out of reach of all anchors.

  2. you must configure only one gateway as a proxy, additional gateways must connect to the main proxy gateway. The proxy eliminates duplicity.

  3. no problem

  4. in theory the topology must work. You may need one or two additional gateways. That depends on the environment and you determine it experimentally.

I recommend you read the document DWM1001 System Overview
And Performance there is detailed the operation of the system.


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