Hi all
poll, response I measured the TX timestamp, but the fixed value is measured.
I do not know whether this fixed value is correct or not. The syntax used to view TX

memcpy(&tt.txpoll, (uint8 *)&inst->txu.tagPollTxTime, 5);

pt.txpoll = (tt.txpoll)& MASK_40BIT;

memcpy(&tt.txres, &inst->txu.anchorRespTxTime, 5);

pt.txresp = (tt.txres)& MASK_40BIT;

help me

The last 9 bits will be the same always as these are dictated by the tx antenna delay.

Thank you. Can you tell me how to compensate if the problem is caused by antenna delay?

It’s not a problem, the way the transmitter timing works is that you can only set at timed transfer on the 125MHz clock, hence the last 9bits in the timestamp will be zero. Zero until you add the antenna transmission delay it is. Check the examples in the sdk. There before storing the tx-timestamp in the package the last 9 bits are zeroed and the delay added.