Timestamp offset


we noticed a wierd thing when we where doing our two way raging, for the first time.
Our timestamps seem to have a fiex offset of ~32715.

Is there any good reason for this?
We have set the TX and RX -path compensation to zero. But it made no difference?
Where else could this big offset come from?

Best regards/ Johan

Hej Johan

we use a hard coded value, so a fixed offset in range will be seen unless the antenna delay is calibrated and set correctly.

Are you using DWM1000 , TREK or EVK? and what Software?

Hej Leo,

We use DWM1000, the drivers is dw1000_api_rev2p04.
I used the DWT_SETTXANTENNADELAY(0), and DWT_SETRXANTENNADELAY(0), just Before i made the settings for channel, datarate etc… of the radio.