the source of trek1000

[size=small]We just bought the trek1000 kit and want to download the source of the kit, but the links on the following page seem to have some problems. We can’t download the zip file. After clicking the link, we will always be asked to log in to the website.[/size]


[size=small]Where can I download the source code corresponding to the trek1000 kit?[/size]

[size=small]Best regards.[/size]
[size=small]Dong Jiang[/size]

Hello Dong Jiang,

Please try the link below :

Thank you,

[size=small]Dear Yves,[/size]
[size=small]We downloaded the source program using the link above.[/size]
[size=small]Thank you.[/size]
[size=small]Best regards.[/size]
[size=small]Dong Jiang[/size]