Testing TREK1000 in a harsh environment

Hi All,

I would like to test the TREK evaluation kit in a harsh environment, i.e. high temperature, >90% humidity and possible exposure to water.

Ideally, I would like to place the EVB boards within an IP68 weatherproof enclosure and I’m thinking of placing the antennas outside, on top of the enclosure.

  • What would be the best way to protect the antennas?
  • Alternatively, is there a commercially available weatherproof UWB antenna that I can buy?

Perhaps someone who has tried this before can comment. Thank you.

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Why not put the EVB + antenna in the IP68 and adjust the TX power to make up for the loss caused by the IP68?
About adjusting power see APS023 and our IC usermanual

Hi Leo,

I actually thought about this approach initially but I was under the impression that the location accuracy would also be affected by the enclosure.

But if only a power adjustment is required to account for the enclosure, then your suggestion seems to be the right approach. Thank you for the tip, I will have a look at the docs.


note that the UWB antenna can be placed in the enclosure, but you need to check what the material is, and that the UWB waves can pass though it. Also the enclosure should be uniform so that signals emitting from the antenna in different directions are passing though the same material properties.

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Will do so once I receive the enclosure. Thanks for the tips.