Test Reports used for RED Certification EU

Hi, we want to pass the certification for our device with integrated DWM1000.

I see in Decawave web two documents:



But we need some documentation more specific, like Test Reports used for RED Certification EU directive 2014/53/EU. for the module DWM1000.

Do you have this kind of documentation?

Thank you very much!

If you are using a DWM1000 you will need to do a fair amount of testing yourself to get compliance.

The DWM1001 has modular approval when running PANS, as long as you are running the supplied firmware you don’t need to do the full set of tests. The DWM1000 doesn’t, you will need to do a lot of the testing yourself.
This is reflected in the DoC where the DWM1001 is listed as conforming to EN300 065-2 while the DWM1000 only states “Products based on DWM1000 can comply with the EN302 065 series”

Compliance is dependent on average power, the means it’s not just power level and antenna that matter, the radio protocol also matters. The DMW1000 doesn’t have a processor, the protocol used is entirely under the control of the user firmware which means there is no way it can be certified without being tested while running the user firmware.

OK, Thank you for the information