TDOA.Data rate

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I have read that TODA scheme consumes much lower power than TOA.Anyone knows how to implement TDOA scheme on MDEK1001 module?

Also,How can I lower the preamble code and data rate to 110kbps on module MDEK1001?

Hi Sara,

Did you mean TDOA ? If yes, it is correct than TDOA based system are optimized for power but they require an excellent synchronization between the anchors, and this will be extremely difficult to achieve with MDEK hardware (there is no possibility to do a wire synchronization as there is no ethernet on the DWM1001-DEV, and I’m not sure the nrf52832 will offer enough performance to implement a full TDO scheme on it with wireless syncronization)

If you want to use the PANS software that comes with MDEK, then you can’t modify the preamble codes and data rates. If you don’t need it, then you can use the DW1000 api, but you will have to do full custom code. And you lose all the RTLS stack.

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Hi Yves;
Thank you so much for your reply. I am asking because I need to get 200 m line of sight within 5-10 cm accuracy. But MDEK1001 are working one 60 m LOS I suppose. Do you can any idea how can I acheieve it by MDEK10001 Modules?

Again I read that 110 kbps give 290 LOS an 850kbps give 60m LOS

Hi Sara,

MDEK is based on the DWM1001 module, which was designed for channel 5 and 5.8mbps data rate. When using the PANS software (which allow the implementation of a fully working RTLS system), it is not possible to modify the configuration and it is not possible to achieve the range value you mentioned.

You could decide to use a custom software allowing you to use a different data rate, but to be honest I don’t think you’ll reach the range you are looking for as the hardware was not optimised for longest range. The DWM1001 was designed in order to have the best tradeoff in term of range and power consumption. It is a low power device.

You should be able to achieve better range with the TREK kit from Decawave, maybe have a look at it.

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