Taoglas UWCCP.01 Chip Antenna Delay


Could someone please tell me the delay for this antenna?
e.g. [color=#333333]16384[/color]


edit- I am submitting this under the assumption that this value is known per: https://www.decawave.com/news/current-news/taoglas-launches-first-ever-antenna-centimeter-level-indoor-positioning

For antenna characteristics please go to the vendors website. In this case Toaglas
For the antenna delay, it all depend to what you’re connecting it to, so it’s not something we can tell as it depends on the PCB.
I suggest you look at our APS014 which is about antenna delay and calibration. You could also look at the antenna calibration in our IC user manual.

Our EVK1000 come with a antenna delay setting of 515.37ns so you could maybe use that as a starting point to determine the antenna delay.


Thanks Leo.