Tag to tag communication

How can I send a user/iot data from a tag to another without gateway?

Hi Hari

You should be able to do this with the dwm_usr_data_write in a custom application or the ‘ans’ serial command. See sections 5.3.21 and 6.48 in the DWM1001 firmware API guide.

Thank you, seppe for the reply.

I understand dwm_usr_data_write is part of PANS, but I want to experiment tags communication between tags (2) without using PANS library.

Hi Hari

In that case you can just use the DW1000 API. In theory you can send arbitrary data between tags. In practice it’s often best to stick to IEE802.15.4 message formatting / frames. Have a look at the DW1000 API examples, mainly examples 01a (Simple TX) and 02a (simple RX) would be of interest to you.

Thank you, seppe. I will try out these examples.

I had simular question and had great help from this forum:

Perhaps this post helps you. If you need more help i do have some code running to send own variables between initiator and responders.

Thank you, basparky. This is very informative.