Tag not registering one of the anchors

I have a setup of 4 bluetooth beacons(DW1000, EVB11067, v.2.10) that I’m trying to have run at tracking mode. The tag doesn’t register the third anchor, although the anchors show proper distances among themselves. Sometimes the tag shows a distance of 0,00m to the anchor 1 too.

The tags should be properly configured: s1-1, s1-1&4, s1-1&4&6, s1-1&4&7. The distances are 0,5m to 2m. The power supply on the anchor that does not register to a tag is a mobile phone charger, the rest are power banks and a computer.

The distances appear mostly correctly on the tags and on the computer program.


if you swap anchors around, does the issue remain with the same HW unit or is it related to anchor ID (e.g. anchor number 3) ?

Now it works! don’t remember if the arrangement is the same or not.