Tag Network Switching - PANS Release

I have purchased MDEK1001 Kit for my RTLS application. I am able to create the network with 4 anchors and 2 or more tags. But for extending the range to next room of 4 anchors. I have to configure two separate networks. But the problem here is Tag is being able to detect in specific network only if it is configured in that network.
Is there a way to configure tag to be detected in both the networks without making any changes to the network option in tag. This feature is required because the seat number (16) Limitation of Anchors. If the Anchors more than 16 can not be accommodated in same network we have to have group of networks.

Kindly suggest a way out of it.

Also let me know, when the release 2 of PANS library is available to download.

Hi Stalin,

The seat can be reused, so even if there are 16 seats in a network, you can have more than 16 anchors. Maybe have a look on the forum with “sharing seat”, or take a look at the dwm1001 system architecture guide.

The release 2 is currently plan for mid Q2.