Tag network join through raspberry gateway

Hi all, not found this issue in the forum.

I can’t figure out how can a tag be assigned to a network remotely via the raspberry gateway.

The scenario is. I have 2 or more separate networks, and want to use the same tag in those, but not to configure it each time.

Is there a way to do it.

Hi Ramiro,

in order to communicate via the Gateway the node must be on the same network as the Bridge/Gateway. That implies that is not possible to change the network via the Gateway. You can do so only via other interfaces (BLE, UART, SPI, Shell, User Application).

Do you really need to separate the networks?


Thanks TDK. I am thinking in a sort of “roaming” tag system.
The tag, can auto join to the roaming network, or not so automagically, joining using a process on the network, through the gateway.

Maybe, it’s not possible.