Tag low power mode

hi i have some question about Tag LowPower mode

what i understand about low power mode is that according to document SystemOverview page 19 - 20, if tag once enter pans network, tag wake up and TWR exchange at regular intervals

so i set tag like this

cfg_tag.loc_engine_en = true;
cfg_tag.low_power_en = true;
cfg_tag.stnry_en = true;
cfg_tag.meas_mode = 0;
cfg_tag.common.fw_update_en = false;
cfg_tag.common.uwb_mode = DWM_UWB_MODE_ACTIVE;
cfg_tag.common.ble_en = true;
cfg_tag.common.led_en = true;
cfg_tag.common.enc_en = false;

and i check this bridge and moblie app
this setting is fine but tag is work strangely
tag init(enter pans network) and TWR exchange only 20s after this tag into UWB OFF mode
(G-LED on, R-LED on) 10s and do restart

in conclusion Low Power Tag is repeatdly 20s work 10s off restart
why this happen? plese help me
thank for read and sorry about not english well

I find the same problem Hazard of some DWM1001 tags in low power mode? .


What update rate are you using ? It sounds like the tag behaves as if it was out of network and couldn’t see nearby anchors.