Tag disappears sometimes on DRTLS R2 app on Grid view

Hey, we are using PANS R2 code for our DWM1001C modules. 3 anchors and 1 tag.
3 anchors are mounted in triangular shape. To visualize the position, we are using DRTLS app (R2). the problem we are facing is tags position sometimes show and sometimes it disappears. Even all anchors are only 6 meters in distance. From disappearing I mean is tag sometimes show its location on GRID then after sometimes it gets stuck and just disappears. Do you know what could be the problem? I think BLE range is not a problem as we are working under 6 meter area.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Pretty sure this is related to the Tablet/Phone BLE.
Can you setup a listener and log the UWB network - use the LES or LEC command - you will see that all Tag ranges should be updating there, none missing.

I have the same problem (assuming that setting up a listener means configuring the device as a passive tag) and it’s not showing up through the LES or LEC command either (I’m using Tera Term). It detects the ID of the active tag but the position in x,y,z = 0, and qF=0…