Tag/Bridge Node

Hello I have a question regarding how to get an anchor node to properly communicate with a Bridge node. I have been following the Decawave Firmware/Quick Setup Guide in order to do so. After first using TeraTerm to configure a DWM1001 as a bridge node and soldering that device to a raspberry Pi with a Header pin I have been attempting to make use of the UART Generic API to get the Position of the Tag on the Raspberry Pi.
The issue that I keep running into is that the Position is displayed is the position of the Bridge Device not the tag. Furthermore, (and perhaps as a result of) Decawave apparently thinks that the bridge node is a tag.
Anyone have any advice on this matter, or run into a similar problem?

Hi Gakrion78,

The bridge node interface allowing to retrieve tag position is not really exposed within PANS.

I would recommend to use the full gateway software solution (raspberry pi 3 + bridge node) that will allow you to retrieve the tag position from a MQTT broker.

Maybe take a look at the gateway quick deployment guide.

Thank you,
Hope it helps,

Hell Mr. Bernard,

First of all thank you for getting back to me so promptly, it was much appreciated. As of now, I have setup a gateway configuration solution using the Raspberry Pi and bridge node and can retrieve the tag position from a MQTT broker as recommended. So in in itself I can retrieve the tags position, that is not the problem. However, I was hoping to retrieve that tags position, and then improve the accuracy of that prediction via a Kalman Filter(using a separate IMU to record the acceleration). This would obviously require the ability add code to the existing API. Is there a way to do this with PANS firmware?

Thanks for your time and advice.