Tag and anchor operation strategy

Hello,I checked both the forms site and the decawave guides and am very confused about one thing. Is the communication principle of tag and anchor as follows? According to this document, it’s like this: “DWM1001_System_Overview”. Tag listens for signals from anchors.
A tag sends a poll message. It takes anchors. It sends the corresponding (3 or 4 anchor) response message. The tag calculates the location and sends the final message. The tag sends the location information to the bridge node (gateway). Or send it to Android via bluetooth. But "APS013 APPLICATION NOTE
In this guide two way range application with DW1000 says "Tag is flashing. Anchor is listening, Anchor is calculating and sending position. There is a big contradiction. Which is correct.

Hi @ramazan
you are mixing few things together. There are few ranging techniques (TWR, Reverse TWR, UL_TDO, DL_TDOA, AoA …) that can be used for determining tag position. PANS is a LEAPS implementation of RTLS system that uses Single sided TWR technique for localization. In the term of APS013 we are using Reverse TWR - so the distance ends on TN nor and not in Anchors. Thanks to this the TN gets 3-4 distances between TN and AN’s and from this distances it could calculate its potions.

Regarding the ranging in PANS) TN send a Group Poll to AN’s and each anchor send its response (single message).

Regarding position output) The position can be receiver via UWB (bridge or listener is needed), BLE, UART, SPI

Cheers JK

I work as an R&D engineer at Çözüm Makine company in Istanbul. A customer who is a factory requests a forklift and personnel tracking and collision avoidance system from us. We have MDEK1001 kits, we reviewed them. We want to use PANS software for RTLS in these kits. We also want to warn of a collision by measuring the distance between the tag and the tag. We want this software to work with PANS. In other words, the software we will write while working with RTLS PANS will make distance measurement by communicating with other tags and give a warning if it falls below the critical value. Is it possible to do this while the PANS software is running?

You are looking at adding a higher level on top of the PANS functionality. By far the easiest way to do that would be outside of the PANS system. Have the tags location being passed to an application on a desktop computer. That computer application can then both display a map of where each item is and also warn if two are getting too close.