SYS_STATUS register / DW3xxx_XR6.0C_24Feb2022

Hi Qorvo team,

We are testing the initiator example in the dw1000 (API examples) and encountered an issue with the following condition (previous conditions/code are working properly).

In “status_reg”, we obtained “0x018000F7” instead “0x01806FF7”. We are not sure what is happening those bytes.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions to resolve this.

Here is the section of code where the issue was detected:

/* We assume that the transmission is achieved correctly, poll for reception of a frame or error/timeout. See NOTE 10 below. */

    waitforsysstatus(&status_reg, NULL, (DWT_INT_RXFCG_BIT_MASK | SYS_STATUS_ALL_RX_TO | SYS_STATUS_ALL_RX_ERR), 0);

    if(status_reg & DWT_INT_RXFCG_BIT_MASK)
        uint16_t frame_len;

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,

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