Syncronization between Bridge and Anchor/Tag nodes

As per the gateway deployment guide, the bridge is connected to Raspberrypi and tags sends its location, IoT data to bridge. Similarly, user IoT is sent via MQTT from Rpi to bridge to tag. Since the respective tag has its own slot in which it occurs. I have a query that who handles the UWB synchronization between tags and bridge, is it the host i.e. the Rpi takes care of when to transfer the respective IoT data to bridge so that tag receives the data in its slot or is it that bridge itself takes care of sending IoT data to tag in its respective slot?
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Hi Asmita,

each node connected to the network (Anchor, Tag, Listener or Bridge) has to keep its clock synchronized with the rest of the network.

On RPI there is a Linux Kernel Module which cooperates with the Bridge Node to guarantee this very strict timing. The scheduling of the downlink (from the Server toward the edge-node) is done by the Kernel Module. Anything above the the KM is asynchronous and not time critical. Anything from the KM and below is time critical.