Synchronization process


I’m syncronizing more anchors with external clock and external sync procedure. As reported in the last point of the “Synchronization process” in the application note APS007 ( WIRED SYNCHRONIZATION OF ANCHOR NODES IN A TDOA REAL TIME LOCATION SYSTEM ) : “The micro-controller in each anchor node receives an interrupt from the DW1000 indicating that the OSTR has occurred” .
I’m tryng to catch this interrupt but I don’t see any interrupt after the sync signal is sent and received from dw1000. This interrupt is really generated from dw1000? If yes, how can I anable it?


Please have a look at REG:0E:00 – SYS_MASK – System Event Mask bit 2 (MESYNCR, Mask external sync clock reset event) in the IC user manual

[color=#333333][font=Arial]Thanks [/font][/color][color=#333333][font=Arial]Leo. [/font][/color]This is the answer I was looking for. The interrupt exist, it should be enabled but need to be integrate in the dwt_ist() function to be handled.[/color][/font]