Switching between initiator and responder?

Hi, is it possible to modify the ss-twr code from the github repository to have nodes switch between initiators and responders at certain times, or every x milliseconds? That way you could have a system where only 1 node is needed to get range, instead of both an initiator and responder.

Hi Vik,

If may misunderstand your suggestion, but I think you mean a single device to transmit and receive its own message ?

In that case it is not possible, by the time the message is sent the device will not be able to turn on Rx and receive it.

Hope it helps

Thanks Yves, I want to use 1 type of device, so I have 2 nodes using the same code that can both transmit and receive. The problem I am trying to solve is I have multiple robots and I want them to know the distance between them, what is the easiest way to do this?

Ok I see sorry I did misunderstood that make much more sense.

Well yes you can achieve this, you need to develop an application that coordinates each robot to successively tx and rx. One of the typical implementation is to create a TDMA scheme in which each node is assigned a slot to perform TWR with another node.

Maybe have a look at the dwm1001 performance and architecture guide, it is using that kind of concept.

The twr example are very basic, you can also look at the TREK source code that is more elaborate and may give you some ideas with regards to creating a network with your nodes.


Thanks! I will look into this.


Where can i find more information regarding, TDMA scheme and TREK source code.