Switching between Anchors in a large Area

Hi, I am using around 50 Anchors and a Tag. Seat Numbers of anchors have been updated and there is no collision.

But I have noticed one thing, It takes time for the Tag to switch Communication to other anchors while moving from one region to another. Any specific reason for this? If so, how can we reduce that time?

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Hi, think that it happens because your system is divided into 4 clock levels systems due to each superframe support 16 anchors.
I’m learning about this in the dwm1001_system_overview.

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Hi Varn,

How much time does it take for a tag to synchronize with anchors depending on the area ?

What is the update rate and are you using the tag low power mode ?


Thanks CostaT

Will have a look at it.

Hi Yves,

Thanks for the reply.

It takes around 7-10 seconds in an area for the Tag to synchronise with the Anchors. In some areas it synchronises very quickly, while in some areas it takes 7-10 seconds. And there is proper LOS too.

We are not using the Tag on Low Power Mode and also the Update Rate is 100ms.

H Varn,

Ok this is a very unexpected performance. Could you please send a drawing of your setup if possible ?

The clock level shouldn’t introduce such a delay.


Hi Yves,

Thanks for the reply. Can it be an issue with the seat number? If some anchors have -1 as the seat number, it won’t communicate with the Tag right? Maybe that’s the reason for this too?

hi varn
I have the same situation as you. Have you solved it?