Suppress the Waveform Viewer from opening?

I noticed that the Waveform Viewer starts even without any .plot commands. It comes up with no defined waveforms.

I have sims where the useful results are .meas outputs on the command line and the viewer just gets in the way.

Is there a way to keep the viewer from running?


@kgaler ,

You can run QSpice as a batch file. By default, this eliminates the Waveform viewer executable (QUX.exe). Another benefit is that the sim will almost always execute faster.

You’ve got .meas statements therefore you do need to generate a .qraw file output (which can be eliminated in the batch command line if desired).

Note: You can specify which signals are stored in the .qraw file. See the directive .save in the help file. This minimizes the .qraw size and reduces sim time since less data is stored.


Good idea, I’ll try that

Thank you

@kgaler ,

For me I find running some of my multi-step sims as a batch execution with .qraw file generation turned off to be VERY efficient.

For example, I had recently run a 30M+ step sim (yes that is 30,720,000 steps). It took 25 hours to complete.

If I had run it in the QSpice GUI with the plotting window updating and generating a .qraw file, it would have easily taken 5x longer.

For many other much shorter sims, I don’t usually resort to a batch file execution.