SSR ranging code for ESP32

Anyone know if there is some example code around that will run on ESP32 for achieving SSR ranging between DWM1000 modules?

I am using IDF in Visual Studio Code (“C”) so need a port that is written in C please.


The only code available is the example code we have 6a/6b.
The API can be downloaded from


Which is the 6a/6b?

Below is the list of all the example programs included in the API you can download from our website. 6a.6b is halfway

1a: simple TX
1b: TX with sleep
1c: TX with auto sleep
1d: TX with timed sleep
1e: TX with CCA
2a: simple RX
2b: simple RX configured for preamble length of 64 symbols
2c: simple RX with diagnostics
2d: low duty-cycle SNIFF mode
2e: RX using double buffering
2f: RX with XTAL trimming
3a: TX then wait for a response
3b: RX then send a response
3c: TX then wait for a response with GPIOs/LEDs
3d: TX then wait for a response using interrupts
4a: continuous wave mode
4b: continuous frame mode
5a: double-sided two-way ranging (DS TWR) initiator
5b: double-sided two-way ranging responder
6a single-sided two-way ranging (SS TWR) initiator
6b: single-sided two-way ranging responder
7a: Auto ACK TX
7b: Auto ACK RX
8a: Low-power listening RX
8b: Low-power listening TX
9a: TX Bandwidth and Power Reference Measurements
9b: TX Bandwidth and Power Compensation
10a: Use of DW1000 GPIO lines


Thank you, I got that now

Are there any new APIs in latest PAN for DWM1001 or other module that enables SS TWR ranging using API command and not having to write all the low level commands to get it going ?

I am wanting to have ad-hoc ranging between nodes. Each node will determine what nodes area available using another device. I need the deca to be able to range with a small number of nodes as an initiator and then become a responder and repeat. I don’t need location, only distance between nodes.