SPI parameter to get all tags locations in listener mode

Hi again :slight_smile:
I configured whole network worked. I can get locations from listener unit with les,lec command from UART on raspberry.
I want to get all locations in maximum update rate. Because of that i want to access this over SPI.
I accessed over SPI in python without a problem ( tested some commands and answers like reset or get ble addresses )
dwm_loc_get 0x0C 0x00 is getting the position of the unit not all tags. How can i access whole tags locations over SPI ?
Thanks for your help.

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hi gumush, im new with this but maybe i can help you. The tag’s need to be in the range of the listener to get the locations, i ask this here :
4 Anchors + Tags +Listener Configuration mode

Also , can you share the python code that you are using ?
Hope you are good.