Some question about use MDEK1001 Development Kit in industrial project

Please help me answer some bellow questions:

  1. I want to use about 150 anchors and tags. Is this possible?
  2. Can I measure the distance between 2 Tags? If it isn’t, can I attach an anchor on walking people and measure the distance between a tag and that anchor?
  3. Will the accuracy of the measurement be influenced by the indoor environment (with many metal objects)?
  4. How long a battery can use for a tag/anchor?

Thank you very much!

I also want to ask about this.
I want to use MDEK in the worker RTLS system in the tunnel.
I plan to install anchors along the tunnel, the workers carry tags, the listener connects to the computer mounted on the mobile vehicle to locate the workers within 30m.
①Can I use 200-300 units (30tags, 200 anchors and 1 listener) or more for one system?
② what is the farthest distance between tags, anchors and listener? Has this distance changed much in the tunnel?

Thanks so much!