Software for DWM1001


I am working on DWM1001. I do not have permission to install virtual box on windows machine but I have a linux machine. So, can anyone guide me on how to build replica of virtual box image provided by Decawave? What software do I need to install?


Hi Hanish,

As I understand, a Linux is enough and you don’t need a Windows + VirtualBox.

What you need is:

  • To compile your application based on the PANS library (i.e. the dwm/ folder), you need a gcc compiler v5.4+
  • To flash the image onto the DWM1001 module through the -DEV board, you’ll need to install J-Link software, available from
  • If you want to work with a workbench, you’ll need
    1. Eclipse and the J-Link add-on, or
    2. Segger Embedded Studio, available from