Smoothing of DWM1001 position data received via MQTT

Hi all,

I’m using 4 anchors to get positions of a couple of tags in our square office. Works pretty well. I can display the positions on a floor plan in the Android app, as well as the web application running on the RaspberryPi gateway.

When I visualize the positions in my own application, which receives the position data over MQTT /location topics, the positions are a lot more “jumpy” than in the Decawave Android and web app.

Is the location data that is published by the gateway via MQTT messages smoothed, or is it “raw” data? Do the Decawave apps receive different data, or do they apply some smoothing/filtering of their own?

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Hi Alex,

that is because the filter is enabled by default in the DRTLS Android Manager and in the Web app. You can disable that in those applications. Their source codes are available so you might consult there also.


Hi @leapslabs. Thanks for pointing me to the sources. I didn’t know they were available.